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Tent Rental


Whether you're looking for a tent for a small gathering, such as a birthday or graduation party, or a large event, such as a wedding or festival, we have what you're looking for. We have select state-of-the-art marquee white frame tents from a North American manufacturer. Our tents are all white in color with high-peaked centers. There are no center poles, thus giving you more space and flexibility. We have many different sizes of tents to accommodate your event. Also be sure to check out our tent accessories, including solid walls and window walls, tent heaters, fans, tent lighting, staging, dance floor and tables and chairs. We have everything you need for your small or large event.

Rate and Rental Information

All rates are quoted at a per day rate and subject to change without notification. Long term and multiple tent quotes are available upon request. Quotes are for normal installation conditions. Location and terrain may result in additional charges. Set up and tear down of tents are included in quotes. All tents require a 25' height clearance.

Tent Size
10' x 10'
10' x 20'
15' x 20'
20' Triangle
20' x 20'
20' x 30'
20' x 40'
30' x 40'
35' x 40' Hexagon
40' x 40'
35' x 80' (2 Hexagons & 2 Triangles)
40' wide clear span
$0.75 per sq. ft.
50' wide clear span
$0.85 per sq. ft.
60' wide clear span
$0.95 per sq. ft.
Additional sizes and configurations are available. Standard set-up and stake installation included.
Tent Extras and Installation Details

Solid/Zipper door
$1.00 per linear ft.
$1.50 per linear ft.
Water Barrels with Cover
(customer provides water source)
$10.00 each
Pre-filled water barrels with cover (maximum 8)
$25.00 each
Fire Hydrant Permit
Exit sign with Egress (Illuminated)
Fire Extinguisher (5 lb. Class ABC)
Fire Extinguisher Package (5 lb. Class ABC, Vinyl Exit & No Smoking Signs)
Extension Cords  

Tent Lighting
String Globe (8 light set on cross cable)
Heaters (propane sold separately*)
Tent Heater
(1) - 100 lb. (23 gallon) propane tank
(1) - 420 lb. (100 gallon) propane tank
*If outside temperature is under 40 degrees, the tent heater requires (2) 100 lb. or (1) 420 lb. propane tanks  
12" Tent Fan
Additional Allowances
Dance area
2-4 sq. ft./person
Bar area
100 sq. ft.
Buffet area (per table)
100 sq. ft.
100 sq. ft.

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